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Birth Date: 05.08.1966. Birth Place: Taiwan. Rating: 4.2 out of 5.00. Chu Mei Feng Short Biography: Who is Chu Mei-Feng? Chu Mei-Feng is a Taiwanese politician with the New Party. She served as a Taipei city councilor, then later became cultural affairs director of Hsinchu. According to the Taipei Times, "Chu, born in 1966, was once a shining star of the New Party who first rose to prominence in 1997 after becoming the first to denounce Sung Chi-li, a cult leader who claimed to have supernatural powers. She later regained the media spotlight by having a love affair with the sitting mayor of Hsinchu City Tsai Jen-chien, though she ended the relationship with Tsai last year." Before entering politics, Chu worked as a TV journalist.In the fall of 2001, there were rumors in Taiwan political circles that a video showing Chu Mei-Feng having sex in her apartment was being shopped around to tabl [more]

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