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Birth Date: 18.12.1988. Birth Place: Hexham, Northumberland. Rating: 4.53 out of 5.00. Francoise Boufhal Short Biography: Francoise Boufhal is an English model, actress and presenter.Boufhal's acting career began at the age of 11 when she joined The Live Theatre company, a theatrical youth theatre based in Newcastle made famous by Robson Green. Boufhal's first major role was in the hit children's BBC1 show Byker Grove, where she played 'Ellie Baines', Stumpy's girlfriend. Boufhal auditioned several times for a role in the show but was deemed 'too sexy', until eventually a part was made for the curvaceous actress.
Boufhal was in the pilot for 'GRUBBS', a children's cookery program scheduled to be regularly on the Discovery Kids channel

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