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Birth Date: 12.04.1985. Birth Place: Norway. Rating: 4.32 out of 5.00. Linni Meister Short Biography: One of the most popular and in demand models in Norway, is without a doubt: Linn Irene Meister.
This blonde bombshell- sweetheart is most affectionally called "Linni" by her Norwegian fans, a name that has stuck by her since she was a child.
Linni is part Sri Lankan and part Norwegian, something that gives her a unique and exotic look, that clearly sets her apart from other glamour models in Norway.
She measures a slight 165 cm and her sweet voice and comfortable personality, makes everyone sure that beneath her beautiful exterior, there is also a heart of gold!
Her beautiful face and charismatic charm has made her the favourite of Norwegian FHM's High Street Honeys, and also landed her a recurring gig with her own FHM column; "Ask Linni", since 2007. [more]

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