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Birth Date: 18.02.1967. Birth Place: Mazatlan, Sinaloa). Rating: 4.35 out of 5.00. Lorena Herrera Short Biography: Lorena Herrera is a Mexican actress.Lorena moved with her family to Mexico City, where she began a career as a fashion model. She became highly successful in Mexico, and gained an international reputation, posing for advertiments in Mexico and South America. Despite this, few among the general public knew her name. As a model, she won the "Look of the Year" contest, awarded in Mexico.
Lorena then began working in Mexico's Low budget films. She has been involved in more than fifty films since she began her career as an actress in Soap operas.
She also has a discography in total of six albums, five are studio album and one is remixes album named Soy(Remix) released in 1997.
Lorena is currently promoting her latest album Desnudame El Alma, released on June the 12th. the first single taken [more]

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